Hang In There

We know. Marriage gets rough at times, but the rough times don’t show up and stay forever. Understand that the difficult times are just a season of trials that you will eventually get through. Many couples decide to call it quits and divorce during their downswing. I talk in detail about upswings and downswings in another post on my personal blog site.

It is never a good idea to let go of something that you have spent so much time and effort to build. Do you remember when you stood in front of each other and vowed to stick it out for better or for worse, richer/poorer, sickness/health? This is one of those times you were speaking about at the alter.

Just hang in there and hold on to the thought that your trying time will eventually come to an end. Though many people assume otherwise, my husband and I have had many trying times in our marriage. We used to make empty threats about leaving, but eventually we sat down and agreed to stop saying those things. We sounded stupid, because we both knew that the other wasn’t going anywhere.

Instead, we made an agreement that DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION. Making that agreement pulled into focus that we were on the same team. From then on, whenever we disagree, we can calmly handle it, because we know that we are just trying to find a middle ground where both of us can be satisfied with the outcome.

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Again, I know that it gets hard to deal sometimes, but just hang in there. People who stick together through rough times are the same people who grow to love each other unconditionally. Marriage is not for the selfish. Even though we all enter marriage as selfish people, we should learn along the way to become more and more selfless. Your spouse is a part of you. You are one.

If your arm starts hurting, you wouldn’t cut it off and be done with it. You would nurture it and cater to its needs. Your marriage is the same way. Don’t cut it off when it hurts. Cater to it, and make sure that it receives exactly what it needs to get better.

What are some ways you can cater to your marriage during hard times?

2 Responses to “Hang In There

  • Great post! One way we cater to our marriage during tough times is to give the other spouse a break and try to see how it’s affecting them. More often, one of us is having a tougher time than the other, so the stronger one should give more grace to the other. It really helps!

    • ISH-Hubby n Wife Duo
      2 years ago

      That’s a great idea, Rodney! That is also a really selfless thing to practice in a marriage. Extending grace is something more couples could definitely benefit from.

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