God Is NOT Your Babymama

Before I get into this, let me say that this article is in no way meant to be negative toward or the degrading of single mothers.

single motherThe typical “babymama” situation is a story that we’ve all heard before.

Girl falls for guy. Guy is intrigued by girl. Girl has guy’s child and wants to be a family. Guy doesn’t want a serious relationship with girl and keeps playing the field. Girl is heartbroken, but remains available to guy. Guy uses girl when he wants, and then goes away again. Cycle continues. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of people talk about God and what they receive from Him, but rarely ever talk about their personal relationship with Him. For this reason, I can conclude that some treat God like a typical babymama. They use Him when they need Him, but don’t live a life that is pleasing to Him. And when they’ve gotten what they want, God no longer exists until He’s needed again. It’s an all take and no give type of relationship.

I honestly believe that some people think that they can continue to cheat on God and treat Him any kind of way, because He won’t ever stop loving them.If He’ll always be there, why put forth effort to get close to Him, right? << sarcasm<< If people didn’t think this way, they would treat God much differently. If He really meant something to them, and they appreciated the things that God does in their lives, they would bless and worship Him nonstop.

I used to be one of those people. I’d pray to God to get me out of situations, and promised to do better next time. When I didn’t suffer any consequence, I assumed that the prayer worked, but I didn’t keep my promise. I did the same thing over and over. It was years later that when I finally made a change. I rarely talked to God seriously. I did it because I was in church and we were supposed to pray, but at home, I didn’t have much of a relationship with God. It wasn’t until I really understood what it meant to be close to God that I learned to be thankful and to recognize all of the amazing things He’d been blessing me with and to do all along. I just wish more people would catch on and start being and doing better, when it comes to God. When we’ve been enlightened, it’s our duty to share with others. I hope this article helps someone to think about the way that he/she treats God, to re-evaluate the relationship he/she has with Him, and make some changes.

Be blessed.


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