Finally! A Positive Image of Black Women on TV

I watched the premier episode of Mary Mary’s reality TV show, and was pleased with the insight we gained within an hour. These women are God-fearing mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and business women. I love it! It’s not often (actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it) that we see positive and upstanding women on television, holding down their own series.

Thank you VH1 for placing Erica and Tina in front of the world on a personal level. We’ve all heard about Mary Mary, and have been bopping or crying to their songs, but some of us have never had the opportunity to get to know who they are behind closed doors. With so many scandals that hit the news about gospel artists caught in infidelity and other things, it’s refreshing to be allowed to go behind the scenes and see people living the lives that they sing about.

I hope people from all over tune in and enjoy this reality series. I know I will be a regular viewer. My DVR is already queued up to record every week. Maybe seeing a positive image of black women and black families will influence some other people to strive for that type of structure and lifestyle. It would undoubtedly be better than the influence they are receiving from the other shows airing at the moment.

MusISHans, what did you think of the premiere of Mary Mary’s reality TV show?

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