Eating My Words: Beyonce’ Self-Titled

Lady ISH Opinion on Beyonce's new albumWell, folks! Beyonce has trained me well. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, as I said before. I tried not to like this new album. I tried to say that it was completely different from what she’s done before…and while that’s true, my heart changed. Even though I didn’t initially like the album, I bought it, because Bey has trained me to do so. I didn’t want to be left out. I have ALL of her other albums. I had to have this one, even if I didn’t like it so much. I know…it didn’t make sense to me either. After listening a few times, I had a change of heart. I realized that Beyonce has the right to reinvent herself as many times as she feels. As an artist, I should have been the first person to understand that sounding like the last thing you released is never really a great thing. Well done, Bey! You have managed to recreate yourself and open up more than before with this new album. We get a more raw sense of who she is. Now, I can totally see how she and Jay are so compatible. We’ve been subject to her representative for years. Now, she’s giving us more of the real Beyonce, rather than staying behind the image that was created for her. I LOVE the new album now. It’s sexy, raw, intuitive, and catchy.

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