dISHn With ISH: Love Yourself

dISH'n with ISHI recently watched a video by SoulPancake on YouTube, where they were doing an experiment with people. Usually, they have really cool videos about love, positivity, and connecting with others. SoulPancake is the epitome of what ISH represents, so it’s not coincidence that we tried one of their activities on our first webisode of “dISH’n with ISH”. We wrote love letters to ourselves and then read them aloud. Watch SoulPancake’s video here. We thought that it was important to begin on an extremely positive note, and because we would be talking about love and relationships, among other things, we decided that we should share the fact that we should love ourselves before we go looking for love elsewhere.

I must admit, it felt a bit weird, at first. I have kept a journal since I was a kid in middle school, but reading my most inner thoughts out loud, and on YouTube for the world to see, was a bit unnerving. I know that Caleb felt a little out of place, because he doesn’t keep a journal, and being a man, he doesn’t share his feelings much at all, let alone in a public forum. All in all, it turned out to be a great decision, because we received several messages from people telling us how inspired they were to do the activity as well. We also heard people tell us that they started to love themselves more, as a result of writing the letter. That’s awesome! Who knew? We just wanted to do something fun, and get some new recipes under our belts.

As for the food, we chose something quick and simple, that we’d been wanting to try for a while. The crescent roll pizzas were inspired by a Pillsbury commercial. Even though we rolled the dough, rather than folded it, it tasted the same as it would have if we’d done it the correct way. AND they were delicious! Especially with the sauce. I recommend the dipping sauce. I just love to dip my foods, for some reason. You should try it out, and let us know what you think. WATCH the full webisode below in HD. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share with your friends! Thanks for watching!

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