dISHn With ISH: 5 Love Languages

dISH'n with ISHIt takes a lifetime to learn a person, and even then, we might not fully know someone, because we all are always changing. We were designed to learn, grown, and adapt to newer versions of ourselves. With every thing that we read, watch, listen to, the people that we come in contact with, a thought that crosses our minds, we are changed. Our childhoods shape us, and we either grow into that mold or we reject it and create a new one, but we are altered mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically.

In this webisode of “dISH’n with ISH”, we sought to help others who might have been struggling with some of the same issues we had in the past. Even now, we might forget to use what we’ve learned, but all relationships are a work in progress. So many people are against counseling, because they believe that having to go means that something is wrong with them, that they are broken and need fixing. I, for one, enjoy self-work, and I embrace the assistance of professionals. Dr. Gary Chapman was a major help to us, when we discovered his 5 Love Languages episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass. The day that we saw it, we were in a heated argument, and we had argued the entire way home. When we walked in the door, I turned on the TV, and there was Oprah, giving her introduction speech on what the show would be covering that day. Caleb and I sat down on the couch and watched intently, hoping to find some help on communicating with each other.

Oprah asked us to go to to take the test to see what our love language was, and to compare with our partner. We did just that, and found out that the #1 thing on my list was #5 on his and vice versa. We had found the answer to our problems. My love language is Physical Touch, so if we went a day without him touching my hand/shoulder/leg/hair, etc. I didn’t feel loved. But he felt that he was showing me love, because he would ask me, several times throughout the day, if I was okay or if I needed anything. Sometimes, he would just bring me a glass of water or cook a meal for me. I didn’t see these things as love. I had no idea why he was doing those things. Caleb’s love language is Acts of Service. He was giving me love the way that he receives it, and I was doing the same. I would walk into a room and kiss and touch him to show love. Once we read our test results and understood better, we were able to make the necessary changes and effectively show each other love.

We decided to share the 5 Love Languages with you, through a light-hearted webisode of “dISH’n with ISH”. Watch it now, and be sure to take the test to learn what your love language is.

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