Decorating and Debating

I believe that most men would allow their wives to decorate the house any way that they feel, since the home is the woman’s domain. I understand that a home is the man’s castle, but the woman makes a home for the man.

My husband isn’t one of those men who will allow the decorating to be up to me. For whatever reason, he feels the need to chime in and say what he wants, as far as colors, and other pieces of decor around the house. I don’t usually agree with him, but I eventually give in and compromise. Do you have this problem? It especially irritates me, since I know that as soon as the decor is done, he won’t care about it any longer. He won’t be dusting it either. When I see completely pink decor, like Lisa from HWOBH, I get jealous. Why can’t Caleb be like her husband? I’m sure he didn’t choose pink, but he wanted her to have what she wants. If a home is dirty, people blame it on the woman of the house. If a home is nicely decorated, people praise the woman of the house. If it isn’t, they talk about how she has no taste. Right?

We’ve had this situation since I can remember. Before, we ended up with a blue wall, because he wanted to weigh in. Now, we’re having this debate about where to hang some metal wall art that we received as a gift. We agree on putting it in the dining room, but we can’t agree on which wall to hang it. I chose a spot, which was fine with him at first. Later, he started in on how he thinks it would look better somewhere else. So, instead of me hanging it where I want it, I gave up, sat it down, and told him to put it wherever he wants it. Why does he so badly want to have a say in how things are decorated? I can’t understand this for the life of me. Your thoughts?

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