Commonly Overlooked Energy Source: Drawing Energy From Your Surroundings

Although it is a running joke among educators that working in education is a form of birth control, it is also a form of energy and inspiration. We have the power to allow either the negative or the positive energy into our spaces. I choose the latter. No matter how I’m feeling before I walk into the building, I am soon surrounded by children who genuinely love me, and it’s extremely difficult for me to stay in a funk. Children are hilarious and brutally honest. So, when they care, you know it’s real. I was forced to realize that some of the kids that I work with live really hard lives, and face unheard of circumstances, but they greet me with a smile EVERYday. Why should I walk around with a sour attitude because of a fight I had last night, when there’s someone who may have dealt with something way worse earlier that morning?

There’s no way that we can be around children with smiling faces and big hopes and dreams and not be inspired. Remember when you were little and you dreamed of being a superstar, doctor, athlete, or dancer? Your eyes lit up whenever you spoke about it, and no one ever stepped on your dream. You were always encouraged to follow your heart. Isn’t that in itself inspirational? It is extremely true that if you believe it (and work toward it, of course) you can achieve it. Happiness and positivity is contagious. I suggest we take a page from the children’s book and wear a smile no matter what our circumstances are. We should dust off those old dreams and follow our hearts once more. Who’s with me???

MusISHans, where do you draw your energy from?

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