Check The Refrigerator for Your Patience

Have you ever stood, looking into your refrigerator for something to eat, only to find that there was nothing there that you could make a meal out of? Then, an hour later, you find yourself looking again, as if food has magically appeared while you weren’t paying attention? It’s okay. I’m asking because I just did it myself. But the situation made me think.

How many other things have we dealt with using this kind of patience? I am willing to bet that we haven’t, at least, not much at all. I don’t find checking the refrigerator multiple times an insane act. I do think, however, that the reason we’re revisiting the fridge so much is because we decide to look with “different eyes”. Meaning, we are willing to look at the items in a different way. Maybe we think that we can pair some things to construct a snack, until we can get to the store to shop. At any rate, we should probably be this patient with others in our lives. Keep going back with a clear head, new strategy, and a better understanding. What you want in a person or for that person may not be available at the moment, but the creative things you can do with what is available could make all the difference in whether you get fed or go hungry (so-to-speak). So, get out there with some new eyes and make a sandwich.

MusISHans, are you always patient with the people around you?

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