By Any Means Necessary: Staying On The Health Track at The Workplace

I’ve been wanting to get healthier, but unfortunately I haven’t found the time (wink). If I’m behind on grocery shopping, I usually end up buying lunch during my break, or packing a small lunch, and going crazy at work when hunger sets in. I usually end up purchasing snacks from the candy store in the cafegymitorium. We call it Coach’s Corner. Since I seem to have no willpower, I decided to enlist the help of some all-to-willing teenagers.

I asked my students to keep me on track and restrict me from eating sweets. I gave them permission to tell me NO. Some days I think this was a mistake, because they find it amusing to tell me that I can’t have something. One day, a student literally took a pack of six chocolate donuts out of my hand, and had a blast passing them out to her friends. Of course, I couldn’t get mad, because she was doing just what I had asked. Other days, I am extremely appreciative of the youngsters’ ability to remember what I forget, which is to stay focused on my goal of getting healthy and losing a few pounds.

There are some who try to sabotage too. Students try to bribe me with snacks to allow them to leave their books or bags in my office. Some simply offer me junk food to see if I’ll be tempted enough to take it. I’m guilty of giving in a couple of times, but I am better able to stay on track at work. I’m more in control at home, because I can limit what I bring into the house, and I have to prepare food for my husband who grew up with a home-cooked meal on the table most days. This forces me to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for my family. The good thing is, even if I don’t feel like eating healthy foods, I am usually satisfied after dinner, because of the protein and vegetables, and don’t need a snack before I hit the sack. So far, it’s working for me.

MusISHans, what do you do to stay on track at your workplace?

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