Bless Those Who Bless You

donationsI have learned that when people like a blog, they donate to the blogger. When a minister is giving some really good information across the pulpit, people lay money on the altar. When people like an app that they’ve downloaded, they donate to the developers. If we read a book that helped us in some way, we write letters and send monetary gifts to the author. If someone offers great advice or inspiration, we tend to bless them with money for enhancing our lives. So, why is it that when people hear music that they like, they try to download it for free?

Of course, I don’t mean all people. Some are interested in being a blessing to others, but it seems that independent musicians are overlooked when it comes to being blessed financially. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to produce the music that people appreciate. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they loved a certain song of mine, I’d have enough money to reinvest in my craft and to pay all of my living expenses. Though I appreciate those who purchase my music, downloads on iTunes and Amazon have to be in the thousands range to make a difference financially.

I’m not complaining. I understand that it takes time and a lot of work to spread music around, and to gain a following that feels the same way I do about my own music. I’ve read that major artists get money sent to them from their fans and followers. When people are truly inspired by you, they will reach out and bless you in their own ways. Music is such a huge part of everyone’s life. Because of this, I would think that musicians would be held in higher regard. Friends, family, and even some venue owners want musicians to play for little to no money. Or when the musicians are putting on a show, the people closest to them want to get free tickets. They don’t take into consideration that it takes money to rent rehearsal space, record songs, get CDs duplicated, get album artwork designed, put a band together, advertise, travel to venues, eat, etc.

It’s one thing to be supportive of someone who creates music that inspires you. It’s another thing to actually support the music and the musicians behind it. In music, support = emotional + financial.

What are your thoughts?

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