Beyonce’s Surprise Album

BeyonceHave you heard??? Beyonce dropped a surprise, self-titled album at midnight, last night, and it comes complete with 14 songs and 17 videos for $15.99. The album was exclusively released on iTunes. From the previews, I heard a lot of explicit language, and even more sexual lyrics than before. Every artist has the creative right to go in whichever direction he/she pleases; I’m just not sure what that direction is for the queen B.

I have been a fan for years. I was there, when she broke off from the girl group, Destiny’s Child and started her solo career. I was there, when she dropped Dangerously In Love, B Day, I AM, and 4. When we got a sneak peak of the diva’s song “Bow Down”, which is now “Flawless” on the album, I scratched my head a bit. I had always looked at Beyonce as the one artist who was able to rise above it all. Through the hate, accusations, and negativity, she NEVER responded. She kept her focus on her career and her family. Suddenly, it seems that she wants to address all of her haters in song form. Her style and fashion changed over the years, and she has a completely different look today than she did 15 years ago. I get it…with time we all evolve into a different version of ourselves, but I think she’s losing me as a listener.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely still love that woman! She will always be queen B, but my style and other things in my life are evolving as well, and I don’t think the majority of the music that she is putting out now is appealing to me. It’s not serving the person that I am trying to become. Does that make sense to you? Anyhow, I believe that as relevant as she is, this new music era is taking over, and she is starting to market to the younger generation. That would explain why she has songs on this album featuring Drake and Frank Ocean. I get it, and I wish her much success. I love you Bey!

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