Being Happy Is A Choice

Lots of people take to social media on a daily basis, stating that they just want to be happy. What they may not have realized is that they don’t have to wait any longer for that to happen. If they would only understand that happiness is a choice, they would stop looking for it in places that are superficial or in places that offer a false feeling of happiness. The truth is, we all have the right to be happy, and if we choose, no one can ever take that right away from us.

The Problem

The problem with the idea of happiness is that so many people believe that something has to happen a certain way, someone has to do something for us, or that we must have everything in order for happiness to occur. This is false, and this way of thinking is what keeps people from believing that they can live happy lives. Love, money, friends, and status cannot grant us happiness. We’ve all heard the saying “Money can’t buy happiness”, but for some reason, some of us still believe deep down that it would get us pretty close to it.

The Solution

In order to truly experience happiness and get on the track to staying happy, one has to adopt an optimistic attitude. Sure, we’re going to have rough days and end up in trying situations, but if our overall mental state is one of positivity, we’ll experience happiness on a regular basis. If you want to be happy, start looking at everything in a more positive light. Believe that others have the best intentions when they speak and act toward you. If you know for sure that their intentions are ill, you have the choice to discontinue your relationship with them or handle them in a different manner than you did before. Understand that life is all about choices, and we can choose to be positive or negative.

It may sound oversimplified, but if you choose to be happy, you will inevitably start experiencing happiness. Use the power of intention in your everyday life. Intend to have a great day, and change your thoughts throughout the day so that you can have a great day. It becomes easier, like most things, with practice.

What things will you do to begin living a happier life?



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