Being An Independent Artist Is A Full-Time Job

Everybody is trying to break into the music industry. That’s not completely true. Everybody wants the perks of being a well-known musician, but not everyone wants to put in the work to attain that goal. When real work is involved, those who are just playing around will fall back and those who are serious about their art will push forward. Sometimes, we get side tracked when we see someone bootlegging our dreams. We allow someone else to take our focus off of our goals. Being an independent artist is a full-time job and we have work to do. Let’s get our focus back.

With record execs watching to see who the next upcoming musical artist is going to be, independent artists have to do a lot of the leg work before getting picked up by a label. Even if artists desire to remain independent, they have to work even harder in order to land a distribution deal. Bands can break up the huge task of managing their own careers and work together toward their goal. Singers have to do a lot of the work alone. The only financial backing that most independent artists have is that which is found in their own bank accounts. If nothing else drives an artist to make wise and calculated moves in his/her career, having to strategically plan and spend out-of-pocket will.

Our work is never done. As soon as one thing is completed, time is freed up for some other project to begin. Some of the jobs that independent artists must complete on a regular basis are:

·      Send, read, and respond to emails

·      Design email campaigns

·      Maintain website

·      Promote physical and digital sales

·      Develop new products

·      Update press kit

·      Design and distribute promotional materials

·      Write and record songs

·      Perform music and travel for events

·      Network and research

The list goes on, but you get the point. If you’re passionate about your craft like I am about mine, you don’t mind doing any of these things. If we had it our way, we would do this everyday for a living. Until then, let’s stay focused and support one another.

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