ArtistiK AmbISHons

Arts-Based Youth Workshops

What is ArtistiK AmbISHons?

ArtistiK AmbISHons is an arts-based, educational program that teaches students, parents, and educators how to turn a creative passion/talent/hobby into a profession through a series of workshops.

ArtistiK AmbISHons (AA) started as an open mic event for the youth who lived in Gary, IN and surrounding cities. We noticed that the teenagers who attended were interested in the arts, and enthusiastic about sharing their talents, but none of them understood how to hone their crafts and properly conduct the necessary business that would promote their talents. We took a break from the open mic event, so that we could focus on our efforts to provide something more beneficial and educational to the youth. We have transformed ArtistiK AmbISHons into a more effective system that serve as tools to teach the youth how to hone their craft, and to realistically turn their passions into professions.

Our Mission

Though there are institutions that specialize in the arts, many people still believe that those who desire to work in the visual and performing arts industry have unrealistic expectations of making a living for themselves. We believe that this program will assist parents, students, and educators in understanding that through proper education, time management, and channeled creative energy, artists of all kinds can build  successful and sustainable careers.

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If you would like to sponsor one or more students for an upcoming workshop, please contact us at, or by phone at (312) 380-1474.

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