Always Prepared

ISH Merchandise

ISH Merchandise table at Club Shout It Out (Gospel Comedy show and live music)

For some reason, whenever Caleb and I travel, we never pack more clothes than we need for a trip, but we always bring along our “ISH bag”. In the “ISH bag” there is a whole lotta stuff. We have scissors, safety pins, mints, a lint roller, CDs, t shirts, performance tracks, flyers, business cards, and more. Even when we aren’t scheduled to perform anywhere, we’ll pack it in the car, like a diaper bag. It’s a necessity. Maybe in the back of our heads, we believe that a show is gonna break out on the highway or in a parking lot somewhere…and we want to be prepared.

This past weekend, our bag finally came in handy. We’d restocked all of our merchandise and promotional materials, because we have a show coming up at Jazz Kitchen in Indy. We packed everything up and headed to Indianapolis for a rehearsal with our band. The next day, one of our bandmates and best friends called us up and said, “Aye, I need y’all. Come and do a couple of songs or something, and bring y’all stuff. I have a table where y’all can set up and sell your merchandise.” Of course, we were going. Whenever he calls us we get up and come out. He’s always been there for us.

Because it was a church that we were singing in, we left the “Thick Girls” t shirts in the car, but we set up everything else. The people enjoyed us, and several asked about the last song that we’d sung “The Vows”. They bought CDs and t shirts and sent us home with some unexpected money from sales in our pockets. That was truly a blessing. And now, we will NEVER leave the “ISH bag” at the house, because an impromptu performance just might pop off somewhere. LOL

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