5 Tips for Finding Love Online

We’ve been proud to share the story of how we met via MySpace in 2007, and we have been grateful that we found each other through a social media site. We fell in love in person, however. Nowadays, some people are unaware that they could be talking to someone completely different from who they think they’re talking to through the computer. With shows like To Catch A Predator and Catfish, we learn more and more about how people hide behind fake profiles, and lie about who they really are. Some are out to hurt others, while some are simply insecure about who they really are and want to live a different life through their computers.

Though we found love after meeting on a social media site, we want to encourage you to be careful of today’s dangers online. There are several online dating sites now that help people weed through the mess and find real people who are serious about finding love. But if you find yourself on a social media site, checking out someone’s photos, these following steps are some precautionary measures that you can take before falling head over heels.

  1. Do some research. It’s great to trust someone, but if you don’t yet know a person, it is also good to look into them, before you start sharing details about your life. Now, there are several ways to tell if a person really is who they say they are. Google their name, search their phone number, check out their friends, family, and work listed on their profile.
  2. Meet Up. We suggest that you make the first meeting a group outing. Have the person you’re meeting with bring a friend, and you do the same. If you live far apart, simply use your smartphone or computer to video chat. It’s kind of rare for people to not have a way to video chat, these days.
  3. Don’t Share Sensitive Information. In the case that you’re not chatting with the actual person you think, you don’t want to allow that person to have intimate details about your life or place of residence. Protect yourself by keeping the conversations light and on the surface, until you have had the chance to meet and develop a deeper relationship.
  4.  Don’t Lie About Anything. It’s easy for you to be bold in front of a computer screen and talk yourself up, but someday, you will have to back up your words. Wouldn’t you like for the other person to trust you? Don’t say that you have a better job when you don’t. Don’t tell the other person that you are in better shape than you are. How would you feel if you found out that the other person was lying to you about something? Honesty is key in online relationships.
  5. Take It Offline. At some point, you need to move the relationship from online to in-person. We see too many people, especially on the show Catfish TV Show who fall in love online, and who allow the relationship to stay online for years. If that happens, something just may be wrong. Don’t you want to be face to face with the person you’re in love with? Don’t you want to hold him/her in your arms? We met online, initially, but after a few weeks, we met in person, fell in love, and we’re enjoying our happily ever after.

We are cheerleaders for finding love online, because of our own experience. We want you to find your true love as well, but we want you to be safe doing it. Tell us, Did you meet your significant other online? Would you be open to finding love online? We want to read your stories and your thoughts. 


We did an episode of dISH’n with ISH about online dating with more tips. Check it out below!

[youtube id=”Qjm5tiiGk4g”]

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