5 Steps to Positive Thinking

The cliche’ saying “Easier said than done” is true, but some things are actually attainable. Positive thinking is absolutely one of those things. Recently, I caught a bus to the airport, and on my journey, I decided to observe the people that climbed on and off of the bus. Believe it or not, everyone that boarded the bus, outside of my husband and myself looked either mean or depressed. I understand that not everyone loves mornings, but they don’t have to look like they hate their lives. I have been in those peoples’ shoes before, though. And since I have changed my thinking, I am on a mission to help someone else do the same. Here are 5 ways to start thinking more positively.







  1. When things don’t go the way you planned, allow it to be okay and get creative in finding a new solution.
  2. Be grateful for all of the things that are going right in your life, instead of focusing on what’s wrong.
  3. Remember, God doesn’t make mistakes. Everything he creates is good and perfect, including the way he made you.
  4. Do something different. If you don’t like something about your life, more than likely you have the power to change it.
  5. Push all negative thoughts out of your head and replace them with positive thoughts.

These simple steps are just to get you started in the right direction. Once you start doing these things, you will see a positive change in your life and within yourself. Feel free to share your stories of transformation below.

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